Max for Live Devices

Chord-O-Mat 2 is a Max for Live Chord Library & Trigger Device with an integrated Sequencer. The helping Hand to find the right chord in your Scale.

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Max 4 Leap

Metronom for Live is a simple Max for Live Metronom Device with some helpful tricks.

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Scale-O-Mat 2 is similar to the Scale Utility in Live, with the difference that there is a Master and a Slave Device and the Scale Settings take affect on all tracks the Slave Device is loaded.

Max 4 Leap is a Max for Live Device that works with the Leap Motion Controller. Drag the Device into

Ableton Live 9 to control your Audio-, Midi- or Instrument Racks.

Stereo Tool

Editor for Doepfer Drehbank

Track Select

Stereo Tool 2 gives you a huge Range of controls over your Stereo Signal.

You’ll have a Mid / Side Section and a Left / Right Section to control and manipulate your Audio Signal.

With the Editor for Doepfer Drehbank you’re able to programm the CC Messages of the Drehbank. Now it’s free.

This is a tiny helper for switching fast through the Tracks in your live set.

Midi Mapper

download - MidiMapper

With Midi Mapper it’s possible to Map CC and Note Values in Live. It’s useful if your hardware controller blows out multiple Values at once.

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