Max for Live Devices

Max 4 Leap

Metronom for Live is a simple Max for Live Metronom Device with some helpful tricks.

Watch here:

Scale-O-Mat 2 is similar to the Scale Utility in Live, with the difference that there is a Master and a Slave Device and the Scale Settings take affect on all tracks the Slave Device is loaded.

Max 4 Leap is a Max for Live Device that works with the Leap Motion Controller. Drag the Device into

Ableton Live 9 to control your Audio-, Midi- or Instrument Racks.

Stereo Tool

Editor for Doepfer Drehbank

Track Select

Stereo Tool 2 gives you a huge Range of controls over your Stereo Signal.

You’ll have a Mid / Side Section and a Left / Right Section to control and manipulate your Audio Signal.

With the Editor for Doepfer Drehbank you’re able to programm the CC Messages of the Drehbank. Now it’s free.

This is a tiny helper for switching fast through the Tracks in your live set.

Midi Mapper

With Midi Mapper it’s possible to Map CC and Note Values in Live. It’s useful if your hardware controller blows out multiple Values at once.

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