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  • Borders - Arrangement Looper

    Borders Arrangement Looper is a Max for Live Device to store and recall your Loops in the Arrangement view.

    Borders M4L
  • ReBoard

    ReBoard - is a Max for Live Device based on the very simple Idea to play relative notes within a given scale. The name ReBoard is derived from Relative Keyboard.
    This idea was invented by Leon Gruenbaum with the Samchillian Tip Tip Tip Cheeepeeeee Controller.

  • MIXMUX Duo

    MIXMUX Duo by Mididope is an agile dual sequencer which rhythmizes the notes of incoming MIDI chords with impressive flexibility for real-time control.

    MIXMUX Duo
  • Instant Twister -

    Instant Twister is a Max for Live Device to integrate the Midi fighter Twister into Ableton Live

    Instant Twister

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