With Max4Leap 2 you can control Ableton Live with the Leap Motion Controller.


The Device is based on the Max external for Leapmotion of Ircam: http://ismm.ircam.fr/leapmotion/ 

Metronom for Live is a simple Max for Live Metronom Device with some helpful tricks.

RaQ Motion is a Max for Live Device to Modulate the 8 Macro Controllers of an Audiorack by an Stepsequencer or an LFO. 

Stereo Tool 2 gives you a huge Range of controls over your Stereo Signal.

You’ll have a Mid / Side Section and a Left / Right Section to control and manipulate your Audio Signal.

The Drehbank Editor is an Standalone Device to Edit the CC and Note Values of the Doepfer Drehbank

With Midi Mapper it’s possible to Map CC and Note Values in Live. It’s useful if your hardware controller blows out multiple Values at once.

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