Chord-O-Mat 2 is released today

happy to let you know aboiut the release of the new Max for Live Device Chord-O-Mat 2

new Release Information

happy to announce the release of Chord-O-Mat 2, a Max for Live Device to play and explore Chords within a given scale.

Chord-O-Mat 2 is a chord library, chord trigger and a sequencer with all scales from Push 1+2 and the scale collection from Tobi Hunke.

The Device highlights all chords of the selected scale to have fast access to the most chords in a scale. The chords can be triggered by a keyboard or with a mouse.

With the integrated sequencer it’s a tool to for composers to create melody and bass sequences. With the hardware integration it’s possible to control the sequencer with Push 1+2 or MIDIfighter Twister. It’s also possible to map other hardware controllers.


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