how to activate the legacy remote script for Push2 in Live 12

a new Tutorial is online to learn how to make Push Hacker work with Ableton Live 12 & Push 2

Push 2 & Live 12

Ableton has announced that (in many ways!) fantastic update to Live 12 recently. The work on the Push API seems to go a bit slower than expected, while they have made some big changes under the hood. There isn’t an official announcement about the timeline when this is finished.

At the moment some features are missing in the API, which affects the functionality of Push Hacker & Live 12. But, there’s a workaround for this …

For Push 2 there’s a workaround to go back to the legacy remote script script, which enables all features of Push Hacker inside Ableton Live 12.

You can read the new Tutorial on how to use the legacy remote script here:


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