Borders M4L


Arrangement Looper for Ableton Live

the Borders M4L Device for Ableton Live’s Arrangement view is designed to enhance your workflow to straightforward storing & recalling your Loop markers.

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Set your Loops in Ableton Lives Arrangement View

with Borders you can store and recall your Loop Markers in Lives Arrangement View to have quick access to recall all your Loops inside your Live Project.

How does the Borders M4L Device is working?

You just have to drag & drop the Device inside an empty Track and you can immediately start to store & recall your Loops.

If you recall a Loop the Loop markers will be set in the Arrangement. Depending on how the Sync options are set the Playhead will jump to the start position of the Loop.

select & store a Loop

to store a Loop in the Arrangement View in Ableton with the Borders Max for Live Device, you just need 2 or 3 Steps without the need to change your usual workflow.

  1. set your Loop Markers as usual
  2. store or update your Loopmarker position of the selected preset slot.
borders max for live Device - select and store a loop
set & store a Loop
your first Loop is stored

recall Arrangement Loops

to recall your Loops you just have to click on the Loopname and the Loop Markers will be set to it’s position.

Loop 1 is selected
Loop 2 is selected

Rename and Colors

Rename a Loop

to make it easier remember what you stored, you’re able to rename a loop …

set a color

… and it’s also possible to set a color.

Connect Midi Controllers

You are able to connect Midi Controllers or Keyboard Shortcuts to the Max Device. You have the following options:

  • next - jump to the next preset
  • prev - jump to the previous preset
  • preselect - here you can preselect a preset with an fader, which has to be confirmed with the confirm button
  • confirm - just to the preselected preset


borders - introduction


Ideal for both studio environment and live sessions, Borders offers a level of convenience that could fundamentally transform your workflow. A musical idea comes to mind, but you are working on a complex arrangement with multiple sections? The rapid recall function ensures that you can quickly switch to the part of the arrangement in question and bring your idea to life. For live performance artists, Borders offers real-time navigation that could prove instrumental in delivering high-intensity sets with seamless transitions.


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