Mapul8tor - User Manual

Mapul8tor is a remake of the original Mapulator form Jonathan Kops aka bentosan.


  1. Main Control: this can control up to 8 curves
  2. fixed presets to draw a curve quickly
  3. activate the grid to snap the breakpoints on a defined position
  4. Curves: here you can draw up to eight individual curves
    • click on a curve to create a breakpoint
    • shift + click on a breakpoint to delete it
    • click & hold on a breakpoint to move it
    • alt & move the mouse up/down on a line you can draw a curve
  5. select the curve you want to edit
  6. Map Buttons to map a Parameter in Ableton Live or Midi CC out (only in the Midi Device of Mapul8tor)
  7. switch between the “map” Function and Midi Output (only in the Midi Device)

Select a Curve

on the right side you see a colored slider. Here you can choose the Curve you want to edit.

Control the Ableton Live Parameters

control up to eight Paramters with one Knob.


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