Mapul8tor - User Manual

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Mapul8tor is a remake of the original Mapulator form Jonathan Kops aka bentosan.

Mapulator one knob control max for live Device - User Manual
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After purchasing the Device an Account is created and you have to reset your password to have access to your Devices. Please be sure you use an valid mailadress.
If you have pruchased Mapul8tor already, please log into your user Account to Download it again.


mapulator one knob control for live overview
  1. Main Control: this can control up to 8 curves
  2. fixed presets to draw a curve quickly
  3. activate the grid to snap the breakpoints on a defined position
  4. Curves: here you can draw up to eight individual curves
    • click on a curve to create a breakpoint
    • shift + click on a breakpoint to delete it
    • click & hold on a breakpoint to move it
    • alt & move the mouse up/down on a line you can draw a curve
  5. select the curve you want to edit
  6. Map Buttons to map a Parameter in Ableton Live or Midi CC out (only in the Midi Device of Mapul8tor)
  7. switch between the “map” Function and Midi Output (only in the Midi Device)

Select a Curve

on the right side you see a colored slider. Here you can choose the Curve you want to edit.

select a curve which scales a parameter in live.

Control the Ableton Live Parameters

control up to eight Paramters with one Knob.

control up to eight parameters with only one knob in ableton live.