legacy remote script for Push2 in Live12

To utilize the complete features of Push Hacker with Push 2 in Ableton Live 12, it is necessary to activate the Push 2 Legacy Remote Script. However, currently, some features of Push Hacker are not available for Push 3 at the moment.

what is the options.txt file in Live?

The Options.txt file allows users to enable experimental and unsupported features in Ableton Live. To use these features, users must create a plain text Options.txt file and place it in Live’s Preferences folder.

Please read the article on the Ableton Website, which provides guidance on how to create this file for both Windows and macOS. There are some examples about some options listed on the Ableton Website:

  • Disable Graphics Hardware Acceleration
  • Plugin Auto Populate Threshold
  • Dont Combine APCs
  • Ensure Key Messages For Plugins (Windows only)
  • Disable Apple Silicon Burst Workaround

beside this you can also add the option to use the legacy Ableton remote Script with Push 2. Of course that means you don’t have the new features introduced with Live 12. But you can run your Push Hacker Setup further under Live 12.

activate the Push2 legacy script via Options.txt

so, how do I activate the Legacy Remote Script in Live 12?

First, please make sure, you have the options.txt file available in your Live Installation. If you don’t know how to do this, please follow the official instructions from Ableton on the Link beside.

Ableton Resource for Options.txt file

paste the Code below into the options.txt file


after that, restart Ableton Live and select the Push2 Control Surface in the Live Settings.


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