A small Max for Live Device with Endless possibilities. X-Presets is a Collection of Max for Live Devices where you are able to store, recall & manage Presets inside Ableton Live especially for Live Performance in Mind.

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Max for Live Preset Device Collection

In the X-Presets Max for Live Collection you find three Max for Live Devices to create, manage & switch between Presets from any Ableton Stock Effect or Instrument. They are also working with VST, VST3, AU, AUv3 Plugins.

Track Presets

With the Track PresetDevices you can store all your Mixer Settings, like Volume, Panorama, Sends & Mute.

Audio Presets

With the Audio Device you can also store & recall up to 10 Audio Effects.

Midi Presets

With the Midi Device you can store & recall up to ten Midi Effects one Instrument and also Audio Effects.

make Presets in Ableton Live easy

  • drag & drop inside an Ableton Rack
  • store up to 10 Effects, VST, AU Plugins
  • no mapping necesary

this is super easy to set up. You have to place the X-Preset Device inside and Ableton Audio Rack, Midi Rack or Instrument Rack and you can store up to 10 of the following Devices inside this Rack just by Clicking “Store”. the Devices are regognised automatically and there’s no need to map or assign something.

It’s even possible to change the order of the effects.

Remote Control your Presets

The X-Preset Devices are made especially with Live Performances in mind and of course you have different options to switch between the Presets. In order to ensure seamless integration with your Midi controllers you can control the X-Preset Device by:

  • Midi mapping
  • programm change messages
  • Clip Automation
  • Clip Names

with this you can customize the remote control for every controller which sends CC messages and also the grid controllers from Launchpad to Push 1, Push 2 & Push 3 …

Midi mapping

You can map any Midi Controller to switch or pre select the Presets.

Program Change

In the Settings you can select the control source. If it’s set to “control change” you can send control change messages via the Ableton Live Clips or evne from external Midi Sources.

Clip Automation

switch between the presets by controlling the X-Preset Device by Clip Automation.

control via Clip Names

You are able to control every Device by clip names, eveen from other Tracks. That means you can make a clip matrix for a dedicated controller like the launchpad mini for example to have control over all your presets.

It’s Modular

Yes it’s modular. You can connect the X-Preset Devices by assign them to up to 16 groups.
Every Device which is in one group act like you control one Device. That means, if you switch the presets in any Device which is in Group 1, all other Devices of this group will follow. The same with store and overwriting a preset. This gives you very fast workflow.

So, you can handle presets all over your Live project in defferent Tracks like you’re working in one Device.

Especially for playing Live, where you can switch Guitar FX or Drumsounds with the Ableton DS Drumsynths for example, it’s an essenmtial tool to get really quick from A to B.

Export & Import Presets

and last but not least it’s possible to export the presets and importing it again inside another Live Project.


System Requirements

X-Presets are compatible with Ableton Live Version:
Ableton Live Versionmin. Max for Live Versioncompatible
Live 9Max 8.2not testet with Live 9 yet. Could work with Live 9 & Max 8.2
Live 10Max 8.2yes
Live 11Max 8.2yes
Live 12Max 8.2yes
X-Presets Devices are compatible with Ableton Push:
PushLive Versioncompatible
Push 1Live 9-12not tested, should work.
Push 2Live 9-12yes
Push 3Live 9-12yes
Push 3 standaloneLive 9-12yes


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