Guitar Monitor

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Guitar Monitor is a Max for Live Device, where you can display the scales and chords on a Guitar Fretboard. You can view the basic chords within a given scale and the shapes on the guitar fretboard.

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After purchasing the Device an Account is created and you have to reset your password to have access to your Devices. Please be sure you use an valid mailadress.
If you have pruchased Scale-O-Mat already, please log into your user Account to Download it again.

Guitar Monitor

The Guitar Monitor is a Max for Live Device where you can monitor and visualize the Notes on the Guitar Fretboard in Standard Tuning.

There are diverent Views of the Fretboard, to show, the scale, all Notes of a Chord, or even a Chord Shape.


  • shows the basic Chords of the selected Scale
  • visualisation on the Fretboard, of the Scales, the Chords and Chordshapes
  • Monitor incomming Midi Notes
  • make different Chord Shapes visible
  • Select Notes on the Fretboard to visualize them on a Pianokeyboard.
  • visualize Scales, Chords and Custom Notes on the Fretboard.
  • mapable via Midi Controller to select a Chord within a given Scale and to select the Chord Shape

Scale View

On the top left side you can set the Scale and the root Note. The set scale, in this case “C Major Scale” will show all Notes on the Fretboard.

Chord View

In the Chord View you can select a chord from the Chord Table beside the scale setting. Here are basic chords listed and you can scoll thru them.

Chord Shape View

While the Chord View shows all the Notes of the selected Chord on the Fretboard, the Chord Shape view shows the Chord the most possible shapes on the Fretboard. You can use the slider under the Fretboard, to scroll through all the possible shapes of the selected Chord.

The Notes in the selected Shape are also visible on the Piano Keyboard.

Manual Note selection

It’s also possible to select Notes on the Fretboard manually to show them on the Piano Keyboard.

Realtime Midi

You can connect also your Keyboard and the incoming Midi notes will be displayed on the Fretboard.

System Requirements

Guitar Monitor is compatible with Ableton Live Version:
Live Versionwith Max Versioncompatible
Live 9Max 8.2not testet with Live 9 yet. Could work with Live 9 & Max 8.2
Live 10Max 8.2Yes
Live 11.Max 8.2Yes
Live 12Max 8.6Yes