Guitar Monitor - User Manual

with the Max for Live Guitar Monitor you can find the basic chords in a selected Scale and it shows the Scales & Chords as well as incomimng Midi Notes on a Guitar Fretboard.


  1. here you can set a Scale and the Root Note
  2. in the top row you can set, if you want to see the Notes of a Scale, of a Chord or the Chord Shape
  3. here are all basic Chords within the set Scale listed
  4. this is the Fretboard where all Notes are displayed
  5. here you can play the selected chord or the notes you selected manually
  6. this is a Slider, where you’re able to map to a Midi Controller and scroll thru the Chords
  7. this is a Slider, where you’re able to map to a Midi Controller and you can scroll thru the Chordshape of the selected Chord.
  8. this is the keyboard view, where all notes/chords are displayed


On the Top Row in the Device you’ll find the Settings, where you can:

  • Zoom the GUI
  • set Window “always on Top”
  • change the Style of the Guitar Fretboard
  • Show / Hide Notenames
  • Show / Hide Scale (green)
  • Show / Hide Chords (blue)
  • Switch between Shape View and Manual Note Selection (yellow & pink)

different Fretboard Views

  • Scale View

    In the Scale View all Notes of the selected Scale are displayed on the Fretboard.

  • Chord View

    In the Chord View all Notes of the selected Chord on the right site will be dislayed on the Fretboard.

  • Shape View

    In the Shape View you can visualize different shapes of a selected Chord.

  • Live Input

    If you connect a Midi Keyboard or Play a Midi Clip, the incoming Notes will displayed in realtime on the Guitar Fretboard.

  • Manual Selection

    If you switch to “manual” on the top right button you can select Notes on the Fretboard by hand. These can also played back with the Play button.

Playback Chord Shapes

here you can playback the selected Chordshape. Guitar Scale Monitor outputs Midi Data, so you have to place an instrument behind the Device.

beside the “play” button you finde a slider, where you can set the strum intensity, while you playback a chord.


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